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Far ago, in the long forgotten history, the primordial Titans once shared a harmonious existence alongside the life that inhabited their Realm. Thoughts about morality and ethics begun to arise among the Titans, causing arguments between them for millenniass to come. During this era of disagreemnt, several Titans took the opportunity to influence others into supporting their ideaologies. As time progressed, so did the tactics that were used to sway opinons. Tensions continued to rise at an ever increasing rate as arguments turned into hostile conflicts leading to the cosmological war that lasted eons.


Update System

This is the first official test of the Realm Quest update system. Whenever a new version of the game is uploaded to be downloaded or patched, it will require a formal update to denote what was added, removed, and or modified in any way shape or form. The goal of this update system is to keep our community informed and up to date on everything going on with the studio, game, and anything else we're engaged in. 


How do the updates work?

These will be displayed on the home page of the website, as well as on the launcher  game client launcher before a user clicks play. This will give everyone the opportunity to stay updated without having to go out of their way to see if anything new is happening. There will be a full detailed description for every update on the Realm Quest website for anyone interested in a more in depth overview of whatever the update was about. 

Posted on 2020-08-20 19:08:38

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Unleash your revenge upon mankind as you turn and look towards the human cities, only to see a great pillar of flame hit their cathedrals, the ensuing shockwave and flamewall erasing all signs of their kingdoms' existence.

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